“The gym again!”, “I’m too busy!”, “I’m too tired!”, “I ate pretty health today, I can skip this workout!”.  Do you find yourself saying these things when you think about going to the gym? Well you are not alone!! Like you, many others have a hard time finding the motivation to go to the gym and have an ever harder time staying motivated once at the gym. In my case, I start looking for abs after one workout (they don’t ever come that quickly) and much to my surprise when they are not there I get defeated and swear off the gym. I realized that this is not the way to do it and I have found tips and tricks to stay motivated and stay on track.  These 10 tips have helped me, so I hope they can help you too!!
Find a Gym Buddy 
Having a friend workout with you can help keep you motivated. When I think I cannot handle 1 more second of cardio or lift those weights one more time a gym buddy is the perfect person to push you that extra mile. Having a friend accompany you to the gym makes for a more fun workout, and they can see the potential in you that you sometimes cannot see in yourself.  I find that when working out with a gym buddy I lift heavier because as well as a friend I also have a spotter. Plus, a little friendly competition between you and your buddy never hurt anyone. I don’t know about you but I love to win so just their presence alone is a natural motivator (even if they don’t know I’m competing with them)
Change Up the Routine 
 The gym is the worst place to be bored so I find that changing up my routine once a month is a great way to keep me motivated.  Let’s say you go the gym 3 times a week for an entire year. You are doing the same thing 156 times. You wouldn’t want that at your job or in your home life, so why do you want that in your work out?   Having a variety of exercises to choose from will keep you on your toes, surprise your muscles and keep you away from boredom!
Music is the closest thing that we have to time-travel. Think about any song you want and I can almost guarantee that it will transport you back to a specific time or memory. I just listened to a song as I was typing this and got distracted because it brought me back to the moment when I first heard it. If music has the power to do that, then it has the power to also motivate you and keep you going. Music makes the time go by faster and you can time workouts to your music (as soon as this song is done I can stop running) Imagine somebody playing eye of the tiger as you’re running and how much motivation that would give you to go the extra mile. Music is all around us and so accessible now, so make sure you are using it to your advantage
Track Your Progress
It’s not about where you are it, its about where you’re going. Yes, I know we have all heard the saying before but this time listen to it and believe it. If you keep looking backwards how can you move forwards? Seriously guys, you’ll keep hitting walls. Keep a little log of how much muscle you’ve gained or how much weight you’ve lost and it’ll make seeing your end goal a little bit easier. Trust me when I say that there is a light at the end of the tunnel but you’ll never see if you keep looking backwards. Think of tracking your progress as a flashlight. Once you stop tracking, your light goes out and there you suddenly are in this fitness tunnel all dazed and confused. Track your progress to keep you from going crazy and falling into a fitness rut. Being in a fitness rut will not keep you motivated to workout.
Hire a Personal Trainer 
Out of all the tips you have read so far this one is one of my favourites. Some of you might be saying “well what about the money?”.  Personal trainers offer very reasonable rates; you just have to find one that suits your budget (which is where google comes in). Hiring a personal trainer makes you accountable to show up to all the workouts you schedule. If you don’t show up to the gym on your own, then you are not inconveniencing anybody else but yourself and you don’t feel as bad.  When there is another person relying on you, you are more likely to show up and be accountable for your time. It’s weird, but humans are worried more about disappointing other people than they are about disappointing themselves. It’s a trainers’ job to keep you motivated and keep you on track. These guys will give you all the proper techniques so you are getting the most out of your workout. There’s something to be said about hiring a professional. You wouldn’t build a house from scratch without hiring professionals, so why not give your body the same treatment?
Get on a Routine 
In a very busy, hectic and fast-paced world, it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Staying afloat with everything that we have on our plates in today’s day and age seems to be getting more and more difficult. Understandably we’re tired at the end of a week and getting up earlier in the morning seems like an impossible feat.  Weekends? Forget it! Guys I’ve been in the exact same spot. But by scheduling my workouts ahead of time made it so much easier to fit the gym into my life. I don’t feel so overwhelmed and at a certain point it just became a habit. I don’t know about you but going to the gym seems like a great habit to me. Remember guys; Beyoncé has the same amount of hours in a day that we all do! If the Queen can do it than so can we!
Look Good, Feel Good
Ever hear the saying “looking good, feeling gorgeous!”? It’s of my favourite quotes and I apply it especially when I go to the gym.  Being sweaty and gross at the gym is fine because it means you’re working hard and getting that much closer to your end goal. Being sweaty and gross after the gym doesn’t always look so good though. I find that putting on an outfit I look good in and feel confident in makes me enjoy my workout a little bit more. Looking up and saying “Wow girl, you’re strong, fit AND beautiful” is one of the greatest feeling ever. How are you going to keep motivated if you don’t feel good? Whatever that outfit looks like to you, put in on and feel good and go to the gym with all the confidence in the world. Look good, feel good!! Be a little narcissistic and be your own cheerleader; nobody else is going to do it for you!
How many are reading this on your phones, a tablet, or a computer screen. Regardless of what you’re reading this on, it’s not on a piece of paper; it’s on some sort of great technological advancement. The world is changing at a rapid pace so why not use it to your advantage? Fitness blogs, twitter accounts, Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. We as a society can draw and find inspiration from anywhere. Use the tools you already have at your fingertips (or probably in your hand at this moment) and find that inspiration. Social media is here and it’s here to stay so find an account or 5 follow them and let that be your motivator. The people sitting behind their phones, tablets and computers (myself included) writing and posting are just you like you guys. We found our inspiration from others online so now let us inspire you.
I Know You Feel Good After That Workout 
After a hard gym session and the tiredness wears off, I feel a sense of pride, a sense of accomplishment and I think right in that moment I could take on the world and all it has to offer.  My body genuinely feels happy, like I did something right. That feeling is euphoric so I will forever continue to chase it and you should to. For those who have had a great workout session, you know exactly what I am talking about. For those who maybe haven’t seen the inside of a gym, the feeling is parallel to your boss finally noticing all the hard work you’ve been doing and recommending you for that promotion (only better)! The next time you are feeling a bit crummy and don’t want to go to the gym remember good you feel after. It somehow makes your problems go away, even if it’s only for a second!
Enjoy The Journey
Going to the gym is a lifestyle change so sit back and enjoy the journey. Think of it as a road trip with your best friends. As excited as you are to get out of the car and get to your final destination, you cannot forget to enjoy the sights on the way and stop to smell the roses. Part of enjoying the journey is to remember it’s a jog not a sprint. So you may have only lost 2 pounds but you’ve also gained 8 pounds of muscle and trimmed down your waist significantly. Be proud of how far you’ve come and relish in the fact that you’re becoming your best self. There is something to be said in taking care of yourself. So work out and enjoy every second of it!
If this post helped just 1 person I’m the happiest girl out there right now. I hope you find these tips and tricks helpful and I hope it inspires you on some level to work out (or at least think about it just a little bit more)